Why us?

Why use a Lead Estate Agent to sell your next property?

It is very simple and I will explain shortly. Most agencies when trying to promote their company compared to another all beat the same drum saying that they give superior customer service. This is a great thing to offer but does not set the agency aside from another as customer service should be a given. Here at Lead Estate Agents we call it simply providing more value than expected.

Research shows that customer service ranks very low when the consumer is asked “what is most important when selling their number one asset.”
The two most important things are…

1. To be able to move to the next property
2. Not to under sell their property

Keeping these two things in mind we put all our efforts into ensuring clients are able to move on to their next chapter and provide a service where there is no chance that your property could be under sold, in fact we prefer to add value.

The formula to a successful sale and our client being left with the most money in their pocket at the end of the transaction is straightforward. Our focus is on our ability as Real Estate Agents in three key areas.

1. Marketing
We will add value to the property sale price through great marketing not advertising. Yes there is a huge difference, which we would like to share with you.

2. Negotiation
Most property purchasers do not make the decision to buy based on price, yes budget will determine how far someone can go but is not usually the determining factor. Would you like to know how to get buyers away from price?

3. Communication
This is very simply as it is not what is said, it is what is understood. We make it simply so there is never a debate on the decision that needs to be made as you will understand the market as well as we do.
These three things combined are what you need to guarantee a successful Real Estate transaction. Whether it is a good market or bad market ability stays constant and so does a positive outcome.