Tenant Information


Maintenance & emergency after hours maintenance

All maintenance should be reported to your property manager, and ideally it should be in writing, so both you and the property manager have a record of it.

Reporting of maintenance issues during business hours

Lead Estate Agents (08) 8271 3666

Or you can submit your maintenance request online by using our online reporting system on under the rentals tab on this website. Reporting your maintenance issues online will ensure that it is dealt with as quickly as possible.

In situations of an emergency maintenance issue after normal business hours, please phone one of our approved tradespeople

Matt Wood Plumbing for plumbing emergency Ph.0437366003

Integrated Electrical for an electrical emergency Ph.0418 845 306
In an emergency call;

SES Ph. 132 500
SA Police Ph. 131 444 (Police attendance)
or 000 (emergency)
Call 000
Call 000

Your lease agreement does not authorise you to do repairs yourself. If you do so, the landlord is not obliged to reimburse you for the cost incurred. We ask that you use our tradespeople as they are trusted by our company to carry out necessary emergency repairs.

Emergency items are generally those that could cause serious injury to the tenant or immediate damage to the property, and may include:

• water pipes have broken or burst
• serious roof leak or gas leak
• dangerous electrical fault, dangerous power point, loose live wire etc
• flooding, rainwater inundation inside the property, or serious flood damage
• serious storm, fire or impact damage (i.e. impact by a motor vehicle)
• failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
• hot water service failure on a weekend
• fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure
• fault likely to injure a person, cause damage or undue inconvenience

Note: If one of our pre approved trades people is called after hours and/or the property is not deemed to have been an emergency. You will be liable to cover the additional costs incurred from the late/after hours call out.


Giving notice to vacate and/or breaking your lease

The notice required will depend on the type of lease you have signed. If you wish to vacate the property on a non-fixed term (periodical) lease, you are required to give a full 21 days notice in writing, or one calendar month if your rent is paid monthly.

We always ask that if you are on a fixed term lease you give the maximum amount of notice possible so we can schedule in your final inspection date and time, and give the landlord plenty of time to re-let the property. We will also contact you at least a month before your end of lease date to check whether you are staying or not.

breaking your lease

If you are on a fixed term lease agreement and need to vacate the property before the expiry of the lease, you must notify your property manager in writing as soon as possible advising of your intending vacating date. We will then be in contact with you to discuss the advertising and times available to show prospective new tenants through the property.

As per your lease agreement you will be responsible for the following:

  • Payment of rent until a new tenancy commences
  • Once the property is vacant, you will be responsible to pay advertising subject to government guidelines and the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Pay a portion of two weeks letting fee, subject to government guidelines and the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Ongoing maintenance of the property and gardens (if specified in your lease agreement) until the new tenant’s lease commences

Please be assured that we will do everything we can to find a suitable tenant as quickly as possible to help minimise your cost, but please note we require a vacating date in order to begin the re-letting process.



Lead regularly inspect all properties. The first routine inspection will take place sometime in the first four months, followed by regular 3 monthly inspections unless other wise advised. Written advice will be sent 7 to 14 days prior to the inspection day, indicating that the visit will occur either in the morning or afternoon. Should the tenant not be present the Property Inspector will access the property with duplicate keys. Should duplicate keys not be available to the inspector, you will be required to deliver the keys to this office prior to the inspection.


Joint tenancies

When you are part of a tenancy where 2 or more people are sharing there are some very important factor you need to be aware of;

  1. Rental payments- where you may be sharing the rent we cannot trace (nor is it any of our business) who pays which portion. What this mean is that if the rent is behind we will not enter into conversation about who has not paid their part. You are each responsible for ensuring that the full rent is paid.
  2. Jointly & severally liable- this means that you are legally responsible for the care of the property and the rent either together or alone. If one person leaves the property without notice and the rent is not paid the remaining tenants are legally responsible for full payment. If one person is left at the property and there is a debt for rent or damage one person will be held responsible for all costs.

If you have any queries about this please ensure you ask at the time your lease is signed.

Where there is a joint tenancy, tenants can change occupants provided that your property manager is contacted, all notices are in writing and changeover forms etc signed. There will be no more than 2 change of tenants in any one tenancy term.



It is the responsibility of the tenant to connect electricity, gas and telephone to the premises. Listed for your convenience are the required telephone numbers for the three main providers. It is your choice which provider that you use.

Ask your property manager how we can assist you in easily getting your utilities connected.

Upon vacating the property, it is your responsibility to organize final meter readings and disconnection of the above services.



In the event of the tenant locking themselves out of the property the duplicate set of keys (if accessible) may be made available, but only during normal office hours. Office keys will only be released upon receiving a $100.00 deposit (refundable on return of all keys issued) from the person who is a tenant on the signed agreement.

If after hours, the tenant may engage a locksmith at their own expense. A duplicate key must be forwarded to this office within two (2) days.