Property Management

We will find you a high quality tenant paying more rent, faster than the rest…


Technology and advertising

At Urban we use the all of the latest advances in technology including online Owner and Tenant Portals and mobile web app giving you to access your important property information 24/7, an online application system that allows prospective tenants to apply online from any location in the world, quickly and easily. In addition to our excellent online marketing, we have a strong commitment to ensuring that your property is found before the others.

A good photo can attract nearly 30% more enquiry than a poor quality shot. All of our property advertisements include high quality and professional photography which gives you an immediate edge when advertising.

We also offer online maintenance reporting for tenants, financing information and links to our Commercial property division.

We’re available 7 days a week

Many property management firms will not take calls or appointments on weekends. We ensure that were accessible 7 days a week to show property.


Tenant screening

This is one of our highest priorities. We ensure that each carefully selected tenant is thoroughly screened and has the best possible references.

  • We screen all applicants through two national tenancy databases
  • We contact former and current landlords for verbal references
  • We do a verification of the applicants employment and income
  • We speak to the applicants employer directly as a character reference
  • We obtain 100 points of identification from each applicant
  • We do a thorough check of personal references for each applicant.

Once the necessary security, character and employment checks have been done we contact you with the most suitable applications and discuss them in detail so the best possible applicant is selected for your investment property.



The majority of issues with tenants can be resolved with simple communication. We maintain close relationships with your tenants ensuring the maintenance issues and rental arrears are dealt with promptly.

Our owners are kept informed throughout the tenancy with updates on maintenance and maintenance requirements. We ensure all issues and quotes are communicated to you as promptly and professionally as possible.

We understand your needs and requirements

  • We understand what it’s like to own an investment property because our team is made up of people who also have investment properties in Adelaide just like you…
  • We understand that as a property investor you are focused on the bottom line.
  • We understand that even a few weeks vacancy each year makes a big difference.
  • We understand the worry, anxiety and cost that a poor tenant can cause you.
  • We understand the impact that an interest rate rise can have on your cash flow.
  • We understand that forking out for unnecessary expenses affects your return dramatically and that every dollar saved makes a big difference at the end of the year.
  • We understand your need to create equity in your investment property so you can invest further.
  • We understand your need to know that the advice you are being given regarding your investment property is reliable and trustworthy.
  • We understand that you just want everything to be taken care of so that worrying about your investment property is one less thing you need to deal with.
  • We understand that you want property investment to be easy!

By choosing us to look after your property, you’re choosing a REISA member
When you’re choosing a real estate professional, it makes sense to ask whether they are a REISA member.

REISA members:

  • Are committed to the Real Estate Code which demonstrates the highest standards of ethics and good practice
  • Have access to the latest legislative and market information
  • Have access to REISA documentation which is regularly updated and written in plain English
  • Attend regular training to ensure the highest standards of consumer protection
  • Demonstrate professionalism and pride in their work by being a member of the real estate peak body

Why would you trust transactions, typically worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, to someone who isn’t committed to these high standards? So when you’re thinking real estate, take the time to ask ‘Are you a member of the Real Estate Institute?’ or look for the REI member logo.
To find out more about the Real Estate Institute of SA and it’s members click here to view the REISA website

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