Values and Culture

At Lead Estate Agents it’s all about creating an exceptional working environment in which our team members can be at their best. Our cultural beliefs are based around VICTORY, SERVICE AND GROWTH. We are a team first and foremost and our office atmosphere is high energy, fun and focused.

We respect that we are fortunate to do what we do for a living and make sure not to take ourselves too seriously except for when it matters. No member of our team is sent off to fend for themselves. We ensure that all of the back end red tasks are taken care of so that our people can focus on what they do best. We have access to the best real estate trainers in the country and this ensures our team is on trend with current markets and customer needs.


Our Core Values

Our team will work together toward a common goal that we are all a party to. Our contributions to the team will be constructive and we adopt a supportive and nurturing mentality to better the team environment.
We embrace opportunities for professional and personal growth and never stop learning. A passion for advancement in all areas of our profession will lead and foster innovation.
We are supportive and sharing, caring and empathetic and our dealing are with those that will ensure there is never a compromise of our values, culture or goals
We have the utmost respect for all clients and team members and offer a consultive service whilst recognising that we need to lead our clients sometimes having to make the tuff but always educated calls.
To make each and every business relationship professional as well as being honest and to the letter. Create a lasting impression through high level of transparency and detail in each transaction.
Ensure that you learn these and become familiar with them as they are the cornerstone of our entire operation and its day to day operation.